function of our waterless urinals

Hygienic aspects of our Ökonal®

The reasons

There are currently no artificially manufactured surfaces on which urine drains completely without leaving any residue. The older the surfaces, the more porous they become and the harder it is for urine to drain.
Countless bacteria live on every untreated surface.
Now, urine smells specific to the species (e.g. like garlic, coffee, asparagus, beer, etc.), but it is the decomposition caused by bacteria on the surfaces that makes the urine smell “to high heaven”.


Simply hygienic

With our Ökonalen this odor is avoided by coating the seamless surfaces of the urinals with a special surface "Clean+" and additionally a special cleaner. This combimnation of coating and special cleaner reduce the bacteria present and thus the formation of scents.


No odor formation

The second component is our exchange-friendly special siphon:


With double flap membrane technology

This safe-to-use version has a unique hygiene capsule in the siphon lid and, with its antibacterial active ingredients, ensures permanent bacterial degradation. There is a long-lasting double-flap membrane technology underneath that allows urine and negative pressures to pass through as quickly as possible, but sewer odors and excess pressures from the sewer system are effectively held back.

The sediment inhibitor minimizes sedimentation in the drain pipes. By using 2 membranes, clogging is practically impossible.



Easy cleaning

The cleaning of ur urinals is similar to waterflushed urinals, details you het hier: Leaflet - Ökonal

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